Sunday, February 22, 2009

wrist-warmers by mom

I was in love with these, by Toast and I challenged my mom to make me some... Christmas has gone by, but it was so lovely to receive these. I actually saw mom finishing them up and learned how to make them. I guess I'll try next winter and give them as gifts. They're so lovely, cozy and warm :)
Obrigada, mãezuca!!! Mãozinhas de ouro... ;)
And now I must continue getting ready for tomorrow... although I really don't feel like packing or cleaning... But I'm looking forward to a few days of being with hon and dear friends in a beautiful, peaceful place.


Rute Carla said...

Oh... eu quero umas para o Natal!

c x p said...

...muito fixes, assim parece visto daqui!...da manhã geladinha da esplanada da ilha do parque...onde monto o meu escritório provisório para captar a wireless ;)... ah e foram para aquela quinta...tb quero! :D.
JINHOS para todos!