Tuesday, December 23, 2008

{Sweet Christmas}

The sweet smells of cinnamon, pumkin and cloves coming from my kitchen are making me slow down a bit and think of the sweet smell of God's love. A love so great and so beautiful, so beyond what my little insignificant mind can grasp. May the sweet smell of His love embrace you this Christmas in a very special way... no matter what your circumstances are. And may you carry it with you every day of the coming year. May the manger be the center, the core of your atention so that you can enjoy all else (family, friends, beautiful lights, sweet treats, ...) with renewed peace, gratefulness and understanding.

"You are my strong melody,
You are my dancing rhythm
You are my perfect rhyme
And I will sing of You forever
You poured out all Your blood
You died upon the cross
You are my Jesus who loves me"


Rute Carla said...

Adorei a música , sis. Lots of love and hugs to u.

Mademoiselle Jolie said...

Your blog is great!!! Regards from Spain!!! I will link my blog to yours ;)