Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodies for the season

Hey, I'm thinking about starting a new tradition... give christmas gifts after the season! It might be a lame excuse for not having everything ready on time, but it might take some stress out of the equation. On the other hand, I could start planing and making gifts through the year.I've read on a Zine a crafter advicing not to plan too many handmade gifts because it can become quite overwhelming and stressful... I agree... it's very stressful! But still... I love the thought of making most of my gifts - it's special and gives me so much pleasure! Or buying handmade - a good option would be to buy from Etsy, Dawanda and so on throughout the year :)

There are some really cool items around there, just waiting for our *click*. I leave you with just some ideas. Might be too late for this year (or not!), but I think it's always good to know. They are either (or all) of these - eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade supportive, caring, original... And it doesn't have to be Christmas for giving any of these anyway, so... :)

- These cool bags. Such a great alternative to plastic bags. Do watch the video - it's hillarious!
- A Kiva loan in name of the gift receiver. These are precious.
- Ashley's wonderful ilustrations.
- Emily's work. All of it! It's so delicious. (By the way, she has these free downloadable tags here.)
- Anything by Molly Chicken.
- These books by Keri Smith.
- These beautiful journals or these, or these.
- Fairtrade teas, chocolates, crafts and so on here.

Also, some ideas to make your own gifts or decorations... [most are video tutorials]

- A bag out of bags.
- My own simple recipe of handmade paper, that can have plenty of uses (journal cover, collage material, postcard, boxes...)
- A hardcover mini art journal.
- Seed Bombs. These are so great! And what about giving a green gift to your own street with a bit of guerilla gardening?
- Felting wool over soap or a purse.
- Garden Party's DYI's.
Just relax and... have fun ;)


lenny said...

thanks for the shout out! i totally appreciate it!

i always give new year's cards instead of christmas ones. it started as an excuse for not getting it together in time, but has now grown into something fun--a new tradition that people love.

i say go for it! start a new, quirky tradition. makes it more special for you & yours!

be well.

zarah said...


Rute Carla said...

12 meses... let`s do it!
Great ideas!