Friday, November 28, 2008

Lovelyness in the mail... :D

From Shana.
I don't know if she knows but this is one of my favorite fabrics ever! I was sorry to cut the last piece of it that I still had. Thanks!!!! So much! Obrigadão gigante :)

p.s.: If you live in Austin, Texas check out Shana's december sale for a very special cause.

I also got this beautiful girl from Ricardo about 2 weeks ago! It's my favorite of this series of his :)

People's generosity always touches and warms me... :)

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by shana.. said...

yeaaahhhh! it's one of a kind, isn't it? I love it too.. well.. I didn't know you were that crazy about this fabric, but I knew you would love it! enjoy it!
kizzes and hugzzz