Thursday, November 06, 2008

10 things I'm loving right now (inspired by Soulemama)

1. misty mornings... they are absolutely beautiful.

2. playing with Alice and observing her.

3. the concepts and ideas behind guerilla art. Especially the work of Kery Smith.

4. hot beverages.

5. descovering new lovely sounds like this one, or this one, or even this one.

6. working with sis for sunday school and other fun and encouraging stuff for the kids. Illustrating "Thandy" (the kids' newsletter).

7. working as a music teacher with primary school kids... the challenge, the joy, the love!

8. preparing for the Christmas sale indoors.

9. the book What is a Family, by Edith Schaeffer. No one writes about family like she did... family in all aspects. I totally have to read The Art of Homemaking again! It's sooo good and she writes about many forms of creativity and using it in simple ways to enrich the lives of others around us. Beautiful. I wish I had known her :)

10. blankets and quilts.

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by shana.. said...

about Edith schaeffer, em Portugal existe um centro L'Abri, nas Caldas: "O canto da Rôla" em que poderão lá passar o tempo que quiserem. Acho que faz muito o vosso estilo.. (e o meu também eheh). vao ter uma palestra sobre a obra dum compositor, agora proximamente. podes ver aqui:
bjnhs, depois diz-me se resolveram ir!