Friday, December 17, 2010

{wrap it with love *guest post*}


Tara Anderson, a crafty mom from Arizona, is my guest for today. she kindly answered a few questions and will share some of her craftiness with us.
Tara, thank you so much for your willingness ;)
please, do check Tara's flickr, etsy and blog. you'll be taken by her colorful, textured creations, her lovely photography skills and attention to detail.  

1. your pretty packages are total eye-candy. give us a bit of an insight into your creative process.
I always start every project with a theme of about 4 or 5 colors. I love thinking up a color combination for everything I do!! Then I start gathering all of my supplies that coincide with the colors I've chosen. I look for items with different textures or patterns that I can layer together. I also like to wrap everything in a gift box. Boxes are just easier to wrap or not wrap if you like the natural kraft look! 

2. what are your favorite materials to use in your gift-wrappings?
Everything!! I love Kraft gift boxes, wall paper, ribbons, lace, handmade garlands, flowers, shipping tags and paper doilies.  I also love adding something vintage to each package, an ornament, some pretty lace or an old button or two! 

3. what have been the reactions of folks who are offered one of your beautiful packages?
I love to hear "It's too pretty to unwrap!"  When you hear this from someone that you've just given a gift too, you've done a really good job at wrapping the gift!  


* Think in layers! Start with a paper doily or snowflake as your base. Next, layer on the flat paper-ish layers, (ribbons, garlands, plastic or felt snowflakes, holly leaves) and gradually build the layers up, ending with lot's of textures (handmade flowers, pom-pom's, bow's and handmade stickers).   

* Instead of ribbon, try using a long strand of handmade paper garland.
* Use a handmade pom-pom in place of a bow.
* Use Glue Dots Craft Dots to attach your layers together, they're small and very sticky!
* To make a quick and simple gift box, use a natural Kraft box and add a small white paper doily to the top. Next, take 3 or 4 various lengths of ribbon, lace and or trim, and layer one on top of the other. Sew down the center of the ribbons to secure. Place the ribbon bundle on top of the gift and add a plastic snowflake on top, followed by a large handmade pom-pom. Use the yarn from the pom-pom to wrap and tie all around the gift.
* Look for non-traditional items to use for gift-wrapping, like flocked wall paper, clothing pattern tissue, large hand cut butterflies, rolled silk flowers, cards of buttons and my favorite, small clothes pins!!

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