Sunday, August 10, 2008

good times!

... Meeting at the mall after some years apart and looking like the happiest bunch of people around!
... eating together.
... dancing with Joana to the sound of "whiskey in the jar"!
... laughing a lot!
... looking through old photos and going on a trip down the path of memories.
... talking a lot!
... singing along with silly ABBA songs in the car.
... catching up.
It's so good that even after all these years it's so easy and natural to be with you guys! Ruth, you're a person who genuinelly listens and understands. Joana, you're a blast! You're just so much fun to be around and your sense of humor is top 10! It's good to have you back even if it's just for a wee while! You know how special your family is to me and Tiago, right? You're still inspiring to us :)

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Rute Carla said...

Vai ser bom estar contigo, Ruth. beijinho.