Sunday, March 23, 2008

grace like a river [delirious?]

Mystery of mysteries
That you could love someone like me
In your hands eternity
And yet you have the time for me
A love so undeserved
You held nothing in reserve
Heaven played its symphony
I took your hand you rescued me

Grace like a river
Is flowing down
Is flowing down
Grace like a river
It's flowing down to me

Staring at my history
Was all alone and never free
The sands of time have let me see
Your faithful shadow next to me
A love so unreserved
I did nothing to deserve
Love so free but what’s the cost
To carry this old rugged cross

I love you, I thank you
I’m nothing, without your
Grace like a river

(by Stu Garrard/Martin Smith ©2003)

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cxp said...

That looks nice... a teeeea!!!! Yumi.
Como eu gosto de chá ;). Manda 1 email com o teu contacto que não tenho... *s