Monday, January 18, 2010

{where the wild things are}

saw {where the wild things are} with sis this weekend and, although I like the book better, I loved the feel of the movie and, of course, the soundtrack, by Karen O and the Kids. I still have to read the original by Maurice Sendak, since it wasn't well known here.

it's funny to see how our brain works. how sometimes the child within just wants to howl and be loud and understood. and how sometimes it's the other way around and we simply want to hide away in a fort, shielded from all that we don't understand.

Max also reminds me of certain boys and girls I've met along the way. children who have a hard time growing up, who act wildly [and even violently] without understanding why they do. children who might use their creativity to escape [usually] into themselves [like Max, portraing himself through Carol]. and these are the ones who most need to be heard and understood, because feelings and emotions are hard things to be tamed. sometimes, you even have to get into their fantasy world to get to know them.

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