Thursday, December 31, 2009

{I kinda like lists. or not.}

At the begining of this year I made a list of things to remember... and I'm keeping them still. They won't grow old or obsolete.
:: Love always.
:: Trust Him always.
:: Be thankful always - you deserve nothing.
:: Forgive always.
:: Share and connect.
:: Dream.
:: Be passionate.
:: Be dilligent.
:: You are 3rd.
:: Journal, draw, photograph (document memories).
:: Smile.

And to this list I add...

:: measure your words. think before you talk, so that your words may always be kind, positive and uplifting.
:: keep a "gratitude journal". write one setence a day, every single day.
:: listen a lot. listen to people, to music, to every detail around you... listen.

And now for a silly/fun list...

:: make video tutorials.
:: dye my hair in a weird color (this red or that one or pink or orange).
:: visit bro-in-law and his wife in London
:: make a list of people we give gifts to at christmas, divide them for each month and make or buy handmade gifts. I'm hoping this time around it really works and I have a stress-free holiday next time.
:: see my little owl colection grow.
:: learn how to play the ukulele (well, I kinda have to get one first)...
:: make an original 2nd anniversary gift for T.
:: try 2 or 3 new recipes each month. and update my foody blog while at it.
:: guerilla knit my neighborhood.
:: make seed bombs and use them.
:: write letters. yeah. real letters. snailmail.
:: finish every book I read.
:: get a camera from here.
:: stay in touch with nature. take a walk in some woods.

And there's a secret goal that isn't a goal. It's a dream. And that one I hold very dearly to the heart.


Renee Campbell said...

I love the idea of writing one sentence every day! I think I might steal that idea. I also wanted to take one photo every day too.

Thanks for sharing, it was fun, inspiring read.

Holly Smith said...

Love that you want to learn to play the ukulele. I got one for my birthday a couple of years ago and still haven't learned how. Now I feel like I want to again. Thanks!!

Nancy said...

Que bella pagina!

I love your goals list, I should start sketching mine, but mine is simple. I want to give more to others around me and including my community.

Thanks for the inspiration. ;)

maman xuxudidi said...

O meu desejo para 2010 e em relação a este teu blog é que partilha um pouco mais da lingua portuguesa... para quem não domina tão bem o inglês, tudo se transforma numa barreira.
Que todos os teus dejesos tornam 2010 mais real:)

Anonymous said...

faço minhas as palavras de maman xuxudidi

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal and writing in it everyday! It's a beautiful idea. Hope your New Year is a fun, sparkly, and productive one!


Rute Carla said...

Oh... não consegui fazer a minha "list" antes do final do ano, como tinha previsto. Faço logo à noitita. Algumas coisas em comum... i wonder why?!?

Anonymous said...

I keep a "good fortune journal", where I write down all the good things that happens to me. It makes me remember to be grateful and stay positive:)
Nice blog!