Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{metamorfoseando para receber o outono}

Life goes back to routine slowly, after a busy summer. There are meetings to discuss new curriculums, meetings with other teachers, with the parents. There's planning, writting, daydreaming, fearing, hoping... I'm eager to see the kids again. This time, not only to engage in musical activities with them, but also other projects. It looks like it will be a full year, but I'm looking forward to the new chalenges. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to get the house organized (have I shared my burden of beeing a messy, messy girl?) so I won't start to panic when the new schedule comes crawling in. Just breathe deeply.
I still have some things to share from the holidays... Just little sneak peeks, maybe.
Autumn brings the scent of change, yet I always feel extremely nostalgic when the seasons are changing...
May this new season bring you lovely things.

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Rute Carla said...

Finally! (hehe!)
Welcome back to this space! Já tinhamos saudadecas...