Tuesday, May 09, 2006

101 things in 1001 days

You can read more about this project here

1. publish this list on the blog

2.read the Bible+pray
3.listen to music
4.drink at least 5 glasses of water
5.save €0.50 for missions/institutions
7.save money
8.use less water when showering
9.do house chores
10.feed my turtle, Gertrudes

11.regularly write on my journal
12.play guitar at least once a week
13.play flute at least once a week
14.re-start my “simply the best” journal (to write down kind things I see other people do)
15.wake up (at least once a week) at 7.00 am, wear sporty clothes+a belt bag with a small notebook+pen and go out for a “thinking/praying walk/run”
16.go to bed before midnight at least 3 days a week
17.play with my little brother at least once a week
18.spend 48h without computer
19.create at least 5 things
20.make at least 2 ATCs
21.clean Gertrudes
22.read Tiago’s blog

23.give/make something for Tiago
24.chose a person every month and give him/her a little gift and note
25.try a new recipe
26.visit a different place
27.make a doll

28.bubble bath
29.make a package to give to an institution (make a list to choose from)
30.read at least one good book on teaching
31.write to Nat
32.give/make something to my godsons
33.travel by train to somewhere

34.get married
35.get a job
36.go camping
37.make a quilt
38.make a rainstick for Sis’ bday or for xmas
39.“sponsor” a child
41.learn how to ride a bike
42.get a hamster
43.participate in an amateur photography contest
44.make a list of books to read and go through it
45.make a list of movies to watch and watch them
46.read through the Bible
47.start a herb garden
48.get a bonsai
49.write an original song and play it in the guitar
50.plant the sunflower’s T’s given me
51.make home-made ice cream
52.buy a hoola-hoop and use it
53.organize a one color party for kids
54.build a sand castle
55.make xmas ornaments
56.write a short story
57.make a time capsule
58.learn how to make a skirt
59.cut on sugar
60.learn how to personalize the look of my blog
61.make a CD/tape with books of the Bible for ladies in the church who can’t read and for both grandmas
62.organize a workshop
63.make a selection of TV programs and reduce TV watch
64.complete at least one long knitted scarf
65.catalog all my books, CDs and DVDs
66.donate uneeded clothes to charity regularly
67.host at least one project on the blog
68.make a family tree (investigate)
69.learn how to machine sew better
70.visit Ireland
71.go on a mission trip
72.start a blessings journal
73.try 10 new teas
74.cook meals for friends regularly
75.bake cookies to give at xmas
76.join “Movimento da Escola Moderna”
77.take my students to a classical music concert
78.keep a book of memories and traditions once I marry T
79.keep a prayer journal
80.take at least 2 mini courses on theology/Christianity
81.sell my crafts at a fair
82.use eco-friendly products/items
83.travel through Portugal
84.explore the old part of Lisbon (photograph, shop at old sewing and book stores, …)
85.contact 3 friends I haven’t seen in years
86.reduse, reuse and recycle more (to accomplish this, make a list of creative ways to do it, collect ideas from the net+books, etc.)
87.participate in a circle journal
88.go through the closets/drawers regularly and make staches - “keep”, “give”, “through away”
89.watch the sunrise in a beautiful place
90.choose 15 random people from a phone list and anonymously send an encouraging little pack
91.visit at least 5 museums I’ve never seen
92.make an alphabet book for João
93.act silly/goofy with T publicly and don’t care about it
94.return library books on time
95.read comics and discuss them with T
96.learn how to say “friend” in 10 different languages
97.sing in the rain
98.finish at least one altered book
99.organize an original puppet show for kids
100.adopt a child
101.complete this list on time:)

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." (Proverbs 16:9)

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